Terms and Conditions

General rules and regulations

·        eSewa Travels and Tours will charge NRs. 500 as a transaction-processing fee for cancellation of each ticket.

·        eSewa Travels and Tours shall not be responsible for any mileage guarantee. The frequent flier miles will be as on the sole disposition of respective airlines.

·        eSewa Travels and Tours will charge NRs. 200 for date/name change as a service charge.

·        eSewa Travels and Tours will not charge any service fee for special service requests like meal preference or special assistance required for the traveler.

·        Partial and Full Refunds will be processed within 15 to 25 business days.

·        eSewa Travels and Tours encourages the users to immediately review all the aspects of their bookings to verify whether the passengers have all the valid documents required for travelling i.e. air tickets, valid VISA, passport, health certificates, travel insurance, etc. and contact the airlines for further details before the departure.

·        Airline tickets are highly restrictive, non-refundable, and non-transferrable. Modification of passenger names, dates, times, routings, or departure/arrival are at the sole disposition of the airline and, if permitted, will likely be subject to a substantial change fee. Passenger is responsible for any such fees. With regard to the purchase of air tickets, eSewa Travels and Tours Pvt. Ltd. acts simply as an intermediary between you and the airlines.

·        eSewa Travels and Tours Pvt. Ltd. encourages the customers to read all the instructions and check the respective airline’s policies and baggage limitations before travelling to avoid any hassle situation.

·        If you are a first time flyer then take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy your journey without any tension and make ready the checklist of documents you need: 

            o   Passport

            o   Tickets/e-tickets

            o   Visa

            o   Onward tickets

            o   TSA documents (For U.S.)

            o   Travel Insurance